Japan, Part One

Strips of paper tied up on strings A manhole cover with cherry blossom illustration Outside Kitasenju Station Street in Kitasenju Shelves filled with stuffed animals Street at nighttime Street at daytime Girl at Kamakura Beach holding a stick with seaweed hanging from it Two surfers heading out at Kamakura Beach Birds sitting on powerlines at dusk People eating vegan ramen Drawn illustrations of two rabbits using computers and mobile phones Edamame and other snacks at a izakaya A wall painting from a karaoke establisment Maneki-neko street art A black house People out shopping at night View of billboards Godzilla head on top of building in Shinjuku A very bright sign outside a restaurant in a small street at night An orange cat sitting outside a house Rainy streets in daytime A colorful display of different Japanese ornaments Part of a building against an overcast sky An older two story building surrounded by modern taller ones An umbrella stand The shaddow of a group of statues South Indian food

© Silje Enge Kristensen · travel, photography