Japan, Part Two

People watching seagulls on the Kurihama ferry Seagulls flying The Nokogiriyama Jusshu Ichiran Observatory deck A large Buddha carving on a mountain side at Kenkonzan Nihon-ji Temple Small Buddha statues behind a fence Small Buddha statues behind a fence Stone steps going downwards A large Buddha statue at Nihon-ji Daibutsu A Buddha statue surrounded by smaller Buddha figurines Small Buddha figurines with red cap and scarves A small hut with a sign that says A mirror selfie An orange cone surrounded by leaves with a concrete wall behind Floating devices used for fishing, one painted like Doraemon Two traffic mirrors, one is broken A teal building with a Fujicolor sign Some vegan ramen and curry A lion statue and a lamppost A futuristic looking lamppost suspended between two bridges A neon sign reading A closed pawnshop A woman walking in front of a fountain An unmaid bed in a small hotel room An old Brother sewing maschine surrounded by glass bottles An old building surrounded by modern taller ones Matsumoto Castle at night Matsumoto Castle at night A paper light with writing on it at night A fox statue outside a temple A cool looking building A brightly colored manhole cover A hand holding a delicious natto roll

© Silje Enge Kristensen · travel, photography