Japan, Part Three

A mountain with trees in the foreground The start of a rope bridge in KamikĊchi Water with weeds and fallen leaves on it A raised wooden trail A mountain with trees in the foreground A river A tree with the trunk growing in two parts at the base A duck swimming A lake with some dead trees in the foreground A sandy riverbed with a foggy mountain valley in the background A river with mountains in the background A restaurant sign depicting a person eating noodles A table with two plates of curry A bunch of koi swimming Sign at a railway station A train window with rain drops on it An old woman tending her garden A garden maze The entrance to a temple building with purple curtains The roof of a temple building with a lake in the background Murasaki Shikibu Statue A fox statue Red torii gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine People walking through the torii gates People stopping to take pictures in the torii gates Part of the Fushimi Inari Shrine A pond with a small walkway with a steering wheel attatched Couple walking through red torii gates Bamboo forest A shop with a display of some product in fox packaging A worker in a hardhat and hi-wiz west at the railway platform The sign outside Little-Heaven restaurant in Kyoto The first course The third course The dessert The exterior of a konbini at night Macrobiotic vegan food in Nara A Sento-kun statue at the Nara Railway Station A platform at the Nara Railway Station Heavy rain on the window of a train An unmaid bed at a Kyoto machiya

© Silje Enge Kristensen · travel, photography, japan